Three Blind Mice - Fun Facts

  • This building is 123 years old. It was originally opened Aug. 10th 1900 as The Green Tree.
  • Our Draft Beer pours at 36 degrees at all times.
  • The pews came out of a church off North Avenue and Groesbeck and the stools are custom made in Detroit by Modern Stool Co.
  • The wood for the bar top came from burned houses in Detroit. All three owners went and grabbed it themselves.
  • Both bar edges have been lined in 2013 pennies the year we opened.
  • As you walk in the ceiling in the vestibule is made from reconditioned Zinced glass that was around the parameter of the building.
  • The floor tile is original from the Pewabic Pottery Co. off of Jefferson in Detroit. They are still around.
  • The big Church lights came from the Salem Memorial Church in Detroit.
  • The beer towers were custom made by Infinit Systems from Brown City, MI. They are the only two in the world like this.
  • All the wood used on the walls is American made Oak.
  • The small hanging lights downstairs came from a road house church New Haven. (Location and name unknown)
  • The barrels came from Old Grand Dad Distillery and Makers Mark Distillery just to name a few… Some were used in the brewing of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Stout.
  • The glass vestibule door was all hand etched.
  • The T.V.’s are all custom framed to look like pictures.
  • The saying above the front door “Cead Mile Failte” means a 100,000 welcomes.
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